Lights! Camera! ACTION!

You are now the actor/actress you never really wanted to be. The camera is always on and that means, so are you.

I know it feels a lot like the sky is falling. It’s a lot. And you just want to stand out and make your mark, especially during this chaotic time. So what can you do?

Number one, do not be seduced by the comforts of home. Being too comfortable and too casual while remote working can be detrimental to your brand. Instead, commit to presenting yourself with the same professional image you would outside of the home.

Secondly, video meetings are real meetings! And I need you to conduct yourself accordingly friends. Prepare to bring your A-Game, each and every time.

I know you are busy and have much on your plate; so here are 5 of my top helpful hints to help boost your brand while video conferencing.

And don’t worry…it’ll only take a minute.

It Only Takes 60 Seconds To Video Conference More Professionally

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