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I imagine that social distancing, sheltering in place, educating from home, and working from home, has created an increase of entertainment time in your home as well. Whether you are streaming for family time or as a means to unwind and chill,  you are likely finding quality downtime to be even more valuable to your routine right now.

I am right there with you. This past week, I found myself in serious need of some mindless entertainment; something just enough light hearted and funny to relax to {suggestions welcomed}. I didn’t want anything too serious. You know, nothing that I’d have to connect dots or remember how things were related. 

Something I could unwind to and even if I fell asleep, it would be peaceful with a smile on my face. I surprisingly found that escape and more in the movie Little, starring Marsai Martin, Regina Hall, and Issa Rae. 

The more I watched, the more I saw many of the conversations I’ve had with you and the real life stuff that we all go through. Even though I wasn’t looking to work, this movie turned out to be a fantastic illustration of everyday etiquette that I just had to share with you. 

Entertainment aside, there are 5 key takeaways from this movie that I am confident you can connect with and use to strengthen your everyday etiquette practice. 

Develop your voice. 

A lack of confidence can handicap you. I will admit there is an art to knowing and speaking to your strengths while supporting and respecting the opinions and feelings of others around you. It’s not an easy thing to learn. You also can’t even begin to learn to finesse the art if you don’t know your own voice, your own worth, your own value.

Sure, we all have work to do. We all have areas in which we can improve ourselves but you do have to get clear on what you do and do well. Give yourself permission to be better than average at something and know it! It’s time for you to acknowledge and take pride in the hard work you’ve put in and/or the things you have accomplished. Whatever “it” is.  

Your voice is the most important voice you’ll hear. 

Deal with the haters. 

You will not be everyone’s favorite flavor. People can dislike you for any number of reasons (and sometimes it’s just a choice). A peer or co-worker choosing to dislike your style, your flow, your look, your presence, isn’t a thing you can control. And it isn’t your stress to carry or manage. Don’t waste your energy here, you have a job to do, a legacy to build, a reputation to protect. 

Haters are everywhere. Serve anyway. 

Sometimes itʼs you! 

That’s right, I said it. Some of the challenges you’re experiencing aren’t always sabotage, someone out to get you, or the incompetence of your team, but rather a result of how you treat, interact with, manage, and trust others. 

The bottom line is people usually wonʼt perform for people they donʼt like. That goes for adults and children alike. I advise you to think about your actions, think about your reactions, and then ask yourself? Is it me? 

Be prepared friend…occasionally the answer will be yes. 

Own your mistakes. 

When you are wrong, you’re wrong. When you have wronged someone or made a mistake an apology is owed. Doesn’t matter if you intended to harm or whether or not you think the other person is deserving of your apology.

Life happens. It is ok if you drop the ball, or run late, or forget. It happens and let’s face it, you don’t know everything.  Let’s commit to being mature enough to reflect on who was counting on us, who we let down, and if there was anything we could have done to avoid or lessen the impact. 

This is how you start to learn from your mistakes. After that, address…adjust, and then…move on. 

Transformation doesnʼt happen over night

Unlike the film, you wonʼt be a new person at the break of day; but you can work to make small improvements each day. 

All you have to do is choose. You can choose to start (or stop) today. You can choose a new path, a new direction, a new habit…but, remember this, EVERY DAY…it is your choice. 

Friend, as always, if you need extra support and guidance, I am here for you. And here’s the bonus lesson from the film, we don’t have to do it alone; use your resources, use your team.

Let’s talk about taking a serious step toward upgrading your image and influence. If you have 15 minutes, so do I. You pick the day and time, HERE.  

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