Reputation + Relationships = Revenue

Work With The Empress Of Etiquette

Build unshakable confidence in your ability to navigate the people parts of your business with a revenue strategy that helps you develop & leverage your reputation and relationship building skills to into quality connections & collaborations. So you can:

  • Retain clients
  • Skyrocket your reach
  • Generate referrals
  • Establish raving business relationships

Service provider entrepreneurs rejoice! There is finally support to help your grow your business relationships into revenue.


A 60-minute themed skill build session designed to organically grow your image, interpersonal skills, & intentions with easy to implement & repeat strategies. 

Etiquette Emergency

A 2-hr hot-line access & mentoring session to help you craft a mindful resolution strategy your brand can be proud of when addressing adversity in your business.

Mentor Magic ✨

Get strategy, sounding board, & support, in this sprint session. Shape your personalized momentum map for creating quality connections in your business.


  • Professionalism, Personality & Persona
  • Relationship Building 101
  • Communication Best Practices
  • Conflicts & Confrontations
  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Civility In the Workplace
  • Brand Reputation Management
  • Repeat Business

In a competitive service & hospitality based industry, superior guest experience can set you apart from your rivals. Now more than ever, your team needs to be equipped with the essential social skills, communication techniques, and guest-centric etiquette, that will not only foster a more harmonious work environment but significantly improve the overall guest experience. A powerful solution that can transform your workplace culture and bottom line.

Speaker & Podcast Guest

Invite Michelle to introduce & empower your audience to develop the social skills needed to navigate success & significance in our face paced, every changing world of business. EMAIL for interest & availability.

💥Social Savvy: social skill essentials for interacting & engaging in business social settings.

💥Relationship Revenue: strategies to maximize the value of connection, collaboration & treating clients well.

💥Sticky Situations: gracefully communicate your way through addressing adversity in your business.