Etiquette Insight Experience

If you’ve ever felt uncertain or uncomfortable connecting with confidence, managing difficult situations, or networking for your business; the etiquette insight experience is a private 1:1 opportunity to uncover your best strategies to elevate your business relationships.

Regardless of where you are in your entrepreneurial journey, you’ll need a success strategy that is consistently putting you in a position to finesse more revenue, opportunity & connection for your business.

No matter what opportunity you want next, there is likely a person or a relationship that needs to be established and/or nurtured. Believe it or not, how to show up with savvy isn’t a secret- it’s strategy.

I’ll show you that you don’t have to be perfect to prosper!

What To Expect:

You and I will work one on one to customize a strategic development plan for you. You’ll gain a sounding board, an advisor, a safe space to vent and/or ask your questions, plus an accountability partner to help encourage you to follow through with your goals.

Step 1: The Insight. To reserve your Experience time, choose your area of focus and submit your intake form. Fill me in on where you are, where you want to go and the obstacles perceived to be in your way.

Step 2: The Experience . We’ll set aside 90 minutes to dig deeper into your session goal(s), consider best practices and craft a success strategy to help assess, prioritize & improve your awareness, interpersonal skills & relationships. Together, we’ll analyze your situation, identify solutions, set and even revise your approach using the principles of business etiquette.

Step 3: The Encouragement & Accountability. Finally, you’ll receive a session playbook, playback (recording) and 5 days of Voxer support to cheer on your progress, answer your additional questions, and encourage you to stay the course.

Choose a concentration for our 90 minute session:

*Mindset & Mapping Insight (Pinpointing the business relationships you want to enhance, along with, everyday action steps.) 

*Social Savvy Insight (Craft your personal social strategy for networking & business social events.) 

*Navigating Difficult Situations Insight (Develop a conflict resolution strategy for your difficult situation.) 

*Professional Presence Insight (Finding comfort & clarity in your professional skin. Build confidence & better business relationships by enhancing your everyday interactions.)

Let’s work together to enhance your ability to connect, communicate, & carry yourself with confidence & consistency!


  • 4-Lenses Temperament Facilitation
  • Relationship Building 101
  • Civility In the Workplace
  • Conflicts & Confrontations
  • Netiquette & Social Presence
  • Communication Best Practices
  • Enhancing Your Image
  • Dining Etiquette

Now more than ever, small businesses need clear expectations, guidance & developmental support in order to establish & maintain positive work cultures & successful team workflow. We’ll collaborate to design training workshops specific to the needs of your small team. Offering half day & full day workshops, webinars, and/or mentoring packages for your small business looking to optimize team acclimation, engagement, and retention of your workforce.

Speaker/Guesting/Virtual Facilitator

Michelle is passionate about inspiring entrepreneurs to develop & enhance the life, interpersonal and relationship building skills necessary to navigate success & significance in our face paced, every changing world.

Invite Michelle to introduce and empower your audience to the benefits of developing and maintaining an Etiquette Success Strategy to prosper peacefully in their businesses. Just shoot an EMAIL for interest & availability.