Reputation  + Relationships = Revenue

Build Unshakable Confidence In

Navigating The People Parts Of Your Business.

Empowering Solo & Entrepreneur Creative Service Providers to Thrive Through the Power of Conversation & Connection!

Uncover your signature approach to better business relationships & networking, fueled by authenticity, integrity and intention.

Meet The Mentor!

Hey there, I’m Michelle A. Whyte— your business big sis for all things etiquette and connection.

I want to craft more spaces where souls connect, conversations flow, and authenticity reigns supreme.

Let’s make connections effortless and help everyone embrace their true selves.

Ways We’ll Work Together.


A 60-minute themed skill build session designed to organically grow your image, interpersonal skills, & intentions with easy to implement & repeat strategies. 

Etiquette Emergency

A 2-hr hot-line access & mentoring session to help you craft a mindful resolution strategy your brand can be proud of when addressing adversity in your business.

Mentor Magic ✨

A 90-minute strategy sprint and my signature 3M framework to shape your personalized momentum map for creating quality connections in your business.

Spotlights & Highlights:


Weekly emails for creative service provider CEO’s that want to enhance business engagements & relationships without feeling fake or phony.