Do you sometimes feel anxious, awkward, frustrated, self-conscious or unsure of yourself when it comes to engaging & enhancing your business relationships?

I support entrepreneurs, just like you, to develop the social & interpersonal skills needed to navigate diverse people & business social settings with more ease, tact & diplomacy; using the art of business etiquette.
Uncover your best strategy to build better relationships without feeling fake or phony.

How We’ll Work Together?

1:1 Mentorship, customizing an actionable development & success strategy for entrepreneurs looking to enhance their ability to connect, communicate & conduct themselves with more confidence & consistency.

Team Development Days, boost your bottom line by establishing & maintaining a positive work culture and successful team workflow. Helping small businesses better optimize employee acclimation, engagement, and retention of its workforce.

Speaking + Podcasting, welcoming audiences into my world; the art of business etiquette. Engaging entrepreneurs & small businesses on how to enhance their know, like, and trust currencies; maximizing their return on relationship investments.

Meetings, Events & Retreats, elevating the art of gathering through intentional event experiences. Just ask about our socially savvy events.

Our Exclusive Weekly Email Series

Are you an entrepreneur craving a safe space to grow with a mentor that just “get’s it”? Well look no further. Let’s shed your misconceptions and anxious feelings about the people parts of your business. You can position yourself to finesse more opportunity for your business. Etiquette For Entrepreneurs the perfect place to start.