Dear Rude People…

As a military spouse, I love that technology has advanced in a ways to help people maintain close relationships across distances far and wide. It has been incredibly helpful for my marriage and keeping my whole family connected. 

These same features have been transformative for the way we work and do business as well. It is how I can train and coach clients, literally, anywhere in this world.

But I need you to lean in friend, because today, we’ve got to get real about a thing. 

Ya’ll…these cell phones!!!! 

Facetime and speaker phones are wonderful features but we must take action to use them more responsibly. These features are earbud compatible AND help to keep your conversations and entertainment preferences semi-private. 

For a culture that seems to love for everyone to stay out of their business, we sure keep publicly sharing all the things. I just don’t get it. And I know it’s not you but you’ve seen it. You know what I’m talking about. 

I’m just saying: 

  • You want to say see you next time to your grandbaby while waiting at the airport…fine!
  • You want to listen to your music while riding the train…no problem!
  • You want to scroll through Facebook while waiting for your kid during gymnastics…go for it!
  • You need for your kid to self entertain at the restaurant table…I’ve been there! 
  • You need to take the video call while waiting in line at the post office…knock yourself out.

But for goodness, PLUG IN! Use your earbuds, Beats, headset, whateva!

I like to say that each of us stars in our own movie, meaning whatever we have going on, is our priority and focus. The people around us are just extras in the film. 

And don’t get me wrong, I have been guilty of being oblivious to others. I can get hyper focused on this is what I need, this is the time I need it and this is how I’d like to get it done. 

But then I learned the importance of perspective and how it is a HUGE part of building strong, lasting personal and professional relationships. You know the old saying, it’s not what you know but who you know. Well, the “who” is all about relationships. 

The truth is we often act in the interest of our own convenience.And  that isn’t necessarily a bad thing; but when I committed myself to becoming a more poised professional working to build a legacy of distinction, I learned I must continuously be conscious of how I respect and show consideration for those around me. 

I’ve become more aware of the little things. I make an effort to not be on my phone when checking out at the store. I provide the greeting of the day to my cashier and respect the effort they put into their job of trying to get me out of the store quickly by not holding them up, trying to balance my phone, my conversation and my purse while trying to pay. It also shows the person I’m talking to, a little more respect by providing them my undivided attention instead of continuously putting them on hold. 

Side note, have you ever wondered why someone even answered the phone when they really couldn’t talk? I mean…right?!?!?

If you have been looking for a small way in which you can improve yourself, I offer you this small step. I hope you’ll think of this journey of personal growth  like a lego set…the small pieces build something larger and more exciting. 

I’m happy to share with you and support you in taking more steps toward embracing the improvements that are working for me – today! Just click the link: .

Practicing a little more each day, 


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