So yeah…this.

Let’s just say my island ER visit was interesting. I won’t lie to ya’ll…it took EVERYTHANG I had not to help one of my nurses understand that body language IS a language and just because her mouth wasn’t saying, I was picking up what she was putting down and I was going to pick it up, hand it to her and tell here where she could go and just how fast. 

DO NOT get this twisted friends.  I am not here to regurgitate the manners of yesteryear. In fact, many people don’t know; but manners are only a part of etiquette. I can teach you all about which bread plate is yours, how to eat soup, and a number of other fun table facts but I’d rather create a safe space where we increase our self awareness and at least try to conduct ourselves gracefully in the face of adversity. Even when that adversity comes in the form of a nasty nurse or just someone microwaving a fish lunch in the breakroom. 

Keeping your cool is not easy but it can and often does yield more fruitful results. So I am not here to appear perfect. The Good Lawd and many of you know that I am not. I am not here solely to distribute top ten facts and act like I have it all together. 

Michelle A Whyte Dot Com and The A-List are about growing, encouraging, and supporting each other to get it more right…more often. I want to create change for my son and my fairy godchildren. It’s hard to combat with the picture perfect, everyone’s an influencer, entitled, me, me, me, keeping it real, keeping it 100, party of 1 personna & social presence acting as reality. The fact is that’s cool…do you…and you can be that way, so long as you don’t have to interact with other people.  The second you do, their opinion of you begins to matter. That’s where the work has to be done. It’s how we interact and engage with one another That’s it. We want better, we want to set examples and be catalysts for change, in our personal lives, in our work lives and for our children. 

You lovely, courageous, and brave Ambassadors want the best of the best. You want better for your job, your community and your kids too. Chances are it is why you are rocking with me right now. But you will take what I am putting out, some of your will read it before you like or share it. Some of you will even try to begin applying it. But when you fail, and at times you will, your emotions can, do, and will get the best of you and I still want to be the place you turn. To ask the questions that maybe inspire an alternative approach, to get another perspective and most importantly to be loved up on when you make a mistake, own it, and then move on. 

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