I had a blast sharing the mic and my insight on Keeping Your Composure for the Beyond Small Talk Podcast. I will be honest, if you didn’t see the show LIVE on IG a few weeks ago, you just missed it. Every technical difficulty possible tried to interrupt our flow; making the replay painful to watch, but you can listen (warts & all right here).

Part 1: Keep Your Composure


Difficulties aside, we had such a great conversation that Jackie ask me back for a bonus episode to dive a little deeper.

And you know I couldn’t wait to share it with you! Get caught up with the audio link below.

Here is the link for the first ever BONUS edition of Beyond Small Talk as we continue the conversation with Michelle A. Whyte on keeping your composure. Especially now, living in such a heated political and social environment, Michelle’s tips and tools help us navigate this ever-evolving terrain of communication. 



A big takeaway for the Beyond Small Talk community – knowing how, when and what to do when taking your emotional temperature. Practice makes progress! Life is messy! There are no perfect solutions! 

Find Michelle at www.michelleawhyte.com and check out her Conflicts & Confrontations Etiquette Quick Guide. IG @themichelleawhyte

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