This is the biggest self reflection time of the year!!! What connects us is actually pretty funny when you think about it. We are all working toward living our best lives, becoming the best versions of ourselves. And each year we go through the motions to make the next year our best year.

I’m sure you, like me, are already thinking of new ways you’ll prepare for the New Year, the new month…the new decade.

You’re thinking about the books you’ll read, the people, places, and things you’ll leave behind, the changes you hope to make. You’re ready to set new goals for yourself; maybe make a resolution or two. You’re contemplating vision boards, daily affirmations, journaling, memberships and more. You may even be starting to feel anxious about whether or not you’ll really stick to it this time.

Naturally, I want to help; because that’s what friends are for, right?

I want you to be ready for 2020!

What I mean is, I don’t want the ball to drop next week and you still feel lost, confused, or unclear about where you are heading. In order to get the picture perfect lifestyle you’re creating on that vision board, you have to get clear on who you are and what you stand for.

I want you to remember, the vision you are drafting and crafting for yourself, all comes back to YOU. Your thoughts, your priorities, your mental toughness, and your actions.

You can not manifest that which you are not willing to work for.

Your true success starts with a clear definition of who you are and what you stand for. I want to challenge you to take these last few days of 2019 to really put in the work and focus on yourself, preparing your future self. I want you to take a moment to refine your dream image and/or personal brand. I want you to reconnect with yourself and the root of your goals.

Your challenge, should you choose to accept it…refine who you’ll be in 2020. Here’s how:

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I guide you though quick and easy self reflection exercises to help you identify where you want to polish your image/skills. Then, you’ll create your personalized road map, assessing additional areas of support you may need. You’ll finish with an outline to position yourself for your next best step in achieving your goals, plus an A-list community to help support and hold you accountable.

Greet the New Year with confidence and clarity. Refine who you’ll be in 2020.

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