From Zoom Back To The Boardroom

Change isn’t always easy. Do you remember how foreign a concept working/learning from home was, just a short year ago? Do you remember how long it took to feel like you had a handle on things? Think about what it took to finally find your rhythm? 

Returning to in person work is yet another change in your life. And because you have managed so many big changes lately, this is the time to take it easy on yourself and use your recent experiences to your advantage. 

You know I’m all about easy to digest solutions that you can apply today…not someday. This is why I am sharing 3 ways to grant yourself grace and give yourself a break as you transition from Zoom back into the “boardroom”.  

I want you to go easy on yourself. It will take time to reestablish routines, communication, and even consistency. Which means it is totally normal if you feel more tired than usual. It is ok if you find yourself frustrated trying to communicate and get on the same page with coworkers. It is alright to find yourself a bit annoyed at unexpected interruptions to your workflow. It is reasonable to be less than satisfied with your commute. 

In the coming weeks, I want you to check in with yourself often and answer these 3 questions: 

>> Am I allowing myself time to adjust? 

>> Am I using all of the tools available to me? 

>> Am I asking for help? 

Let’s unpack how these questions can impact and even strengthen your transition success plan. 

Allow Yourself Time To Adjust

It is imperative to give yourself the time and mental space to create and settle into your new routines for home and office. It may take time to get used to the commute again, to create new expectations for friends and family, to carve out alone time, to learn how much energy the day takes out of you, and/or how to replenish it. There is no one size fits all answer here. Offer yourself generous amounts of understanding as you make progress figuring it out. I assure you, it will come together if you give it time. 

Use All Of Your Tools

I will always encourage you to lean on the tools that help you make your next move your best, move. Instead of allowing overwhelm to take over, I want you to identify tools that may help you show up as your best self. Write down the tools/services you have access to; solutions that save you time,  keep you organized and/or help you grow. For some, using grocery pick up/delivery services for a few weeks will be helpful or working out using online platforms. For others, polishing skills like communication and/or conflict resolution communication will serve you best. 

Whether personal or professional, remind yourself of the resources that help you spend your time and attention in the places that matter most. 

Ask For Help

Read that again…asking for help is a behavior many of us do not practice often enough. Where or in what ways could you use a little more help? Your answer(s) to this question can help identify new resources, relationships, and opportunities for you to explore. 

Maybe you’ll ask your children/spouse to cook dinner one night per week to help lighten your mid-week load.

Maybe you’ll invest in professional coaching or courses to help accelerate your momentum in reaching your next goal. Maybe you’ll collaborate on a temporary kids car pool to ease the morning/afternoon rush over the next few weeks. Maybe you’ll bring in an expert to help you reestablish team cohesion on the job.

Whatever it is, it is ok to ask for help, recommendations and/or suggestions. 

I want you to keep in mind that you are not getting back to normal, you are creating a new one. There is no blueprint for this transition, as it has never been done in our lifetime. For that reason alone, I want you to be gentle with yourself while you figure it out. Every successful transition takes planning, support, action and TIME.

Give yourself permission to feel what you feel, explore potential solutions, and ask for the additional support you need.

You can do this! Post a comment sharing a service, resource or affirmation that you will lean into helping you transition back into the office and your new routine.