Election Aftermath

Listen, the aftermath of this year’s Presidential Election will likely be overwhelming, no matter what side of the political aisle you align with.

The news cycle, social platforms and even your close conversations will likely be inundated with political conversations & theories. On top of all that we’ve been adjusting to in 2020, it could be another source of overwhelm, stress, and fatigue.

That’s why I want you to be prepared. Hey, I care about you. 2020 has been a rollercoaster ride magnifying the need for self care and inner peace protection.

And I don’t want any of my A-LIST friends falling prey to office or social pressures and guilt. Nor do I want you caught off guard by being put on the spot to engage and/or respond in professional situations.

It is OK to take a hard pass. You do not have to make room for this in your already trying to juggle it all, extra busy life. And I am happy to share with you a few best practices on how.

I am telling you that you have options, you have choice, you have power, and you have a responsibility…to you and your personal brand values. In this 60-second etiquette, check out 3 guilt-free options for passing on engaging politically and 3 ways to say you respectfully decline.

I hope, first, that you do choose to exercise your right to Vote! It’s needed friend. I also hope that you’ll be taking great care of yourself in the aftermath, using these 60-second etiquette tips: