The holiday season has officially kicked off and don’t get me wrong, I absolutely want you shop, shop with me! With my whole heart, I want my Email Etiquette Bundle in your hands (especially the pre/teen guide). I want you to book a Situation Room Strategy Session to talk through a difficult situation or obstacle standing in your way. And I want at least 10 students for my upcoming Etiquette Exchange Monthly Mastermind program when enrollment opens.

I may be a CEO but I am also a wife and mom, so I get it! I understand that money is tight for a lot of us. I also know that many of us are being much more intentional with our spending. And I don’t blame you one little bit. But I also know that you want to help a friend like me, continue to serve and grow her purpose through small business.

Listen, I know if you could, you would…I know if there was something you could do, you’d be there for me.

Friend, I’m asking! I need your help. Believe it or not there are a number of no money ways you can shop small this year.

  1. Help Me Grow The A-LIST. It doesn’t cost a thing to join The A-LIST {Ambiance Leadership Institute for Success Training}. But I only want you signing up if you are interested in finding more clarity and confidence in your professional skin. You know, learning to be comfortable with who you are, mistakes and all. You should also join if you’re interested in proven strategies to help you build better business relationships or better manage your people, preference, and pet peeves with more tact and diplomacy. It’s a community for etiquette, awareness, application, mentorship, and engagement all rolled into one. Best of all, you’ll be safe because no perfect people allowed.
  2. Help Me Grow Socially. No money, just a few clicks. This is a super easy way to help me grow my reach on social media. Follow and share @themichelleawhyte on FB, IG, and or Twitter. Be sure to turn your notifications on, so you don’t miss a thing.
  3. Help Me Grow My Network. Virtually introduce me to a friend, colleague, or young professional. Send a DM, text, or email saying hey, I saw this and thought of you. Maybe a good fit for you? Check it out when you get a chance. Just be sure to share a post, link to my website or social channel in the message and that’s it!
  4. Help Me Grow My Opportunities. Offer up my name for professional development training in your spaces and places. Mentorship Workshops in self-awareness, leadership development, and personality preference assessments help strengthen the civility, character, and confidence of a team; individually and collectively.

There you have it. 4 different ways you can help grow and support this minority, woman-owned small business today. No money required!

If you can’t purchase, help me progress. I appreciate you choosing 1 or all of the above. But I thank you for being open to wanting to find ways to support me, more.


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