Picture features Michelle A Whyte in glasses, a white shirt, large hoop earrings and sterling silver necklace, working from a balcony, blurred in the background.

Your Quick-Win Sprint

ONE strategy to create quality connections & business relationships you love.

Strategy + Sounding Board + Support = Solutions!

Get hot-line access to the Empress Of Etiquette, to help you work through anxious thoughts, uncomfortable feelings & relationship building best practices to navigate the people parts of your business. Feel calm, confident & composed as you uncover your unique approach to enhancing relationships in your business.

In this 90-minute session, we’ll work together to create momentum and a plan to follow through on creating a mindset, mission & tactical maneuver plan that exemplifies approachability, trust, and consistency. Receive a:

  • Session Play Book
  • Session Playback
  • A Personalized Momentum Map 

What Topics Can Our Session Cover? Think:

I really hate Small Talk but know I should do more networking. What can I do to ease the anxiety?

I want to enhance my business relationships but don’t have a clue where to start. Can you help?

How do I do a better job of following up with my contacts without feeling like I’m on a hamster wheel?

Coffee chats are taking up a lot of time. What can I do to make them more meaningful and productive?

Ready to begin moving your business relationship & growth goals forward with ease, integrity and intention?