Calling all solopreneurs craving hot-line access to get their tough business situation handled gracefully.


Your phone-a-friend access to navigate difficult situations in your business.

“Michelle gently, but firmly, guided me through many different avenues to help lead me to a place of self-discovery where I figured out what response lined up my values, so I could hit send on an email that I could stand behind-no matter who saw it. 

If you’re stuck in a tricky situation, don’t stew in it alone. Book a session with Michelle! 

— Sara, Launch Copywriter & Strategist

The Trickiest Part of Entrepreneurship Is Gracefully Navigating The People Parts Of Your Business

Unlike the systems and automation we put in place to help us run the technical sides of our businesses, relationships and people are unpredictable.

That’s why if you want to…

✔️Respond verses react to a challenge in your business.

✔️Navigate diverse situations with confidence and ease

✔️Feel more assertive addressing fixable issues within your business.

✔️Enhance your skill and will to communicate with more authenticity and civility.

✔️Elevate your conflict communication skills to craft a resolution strategy reflective of your brand values.

So, Right Now If Emotions Are Running Hot And You’re Being Challenged, Welcome To Business…

It’s normal to feel a little unprepared & ill-equipped when facing a sticky scenario in your business. After all, conflict is an uncomfortable part of entrepreneurship.

Believe it or not, how to communicate with tact & diplomacy isn’t a secret- it’s strategy.

With mentorship, you can learn to confidently communicate your way through addressing difficult conversations & business situations. 



The fastest way to craft an elegant resolution your brand can be proud of.

Reserve your session when collaboration, contractor, or client relations feel like a hot mess, so you come out finessed with a rinse & repeat strategy to navigate a sticky situation in your business. 

Here’s How I’ll Seamlessly Guide You Through Your Etiquette Emergency

Step 1:

Easy! Hop on my calendar with a day and 2-hour slot that works best for your schedule, then provide some basic details about yourself because I know you don’t have another second to waste.

Step 2:

Secure your session. Yes, the full investment of $497 is required at the time of booking to ensure we are both committed to tackling your situation. Each session includes a playbook, to outline and capture your strategy & a recorded playback of the call for your review and reference.

Step 3:

Submit your pre-work questionnaire form…so I can prepare. This is where you’ll let me in on the details of what has got you feeling anxious and/or stuck in how to respond.

Step 4:

Breathe Deep! And rest easier knowing this doesn’t have to keep you up at night any longer. Personalized support is on the way to guide you through the PEACE framework, to craft an approach you’ll feel good about.

Redefining Business Relationships

Since 2005

It Is My Honor To Pay Attention To The Finest Details Of Your Business Reputation, Communications & Connections.

“Thank you Michelle, for teaching me how to balance my boundaries and kindness.”

— Jocelyn, Video Podcast Strategist

Questions…You Asked & I’ve Answered.

What is the purpose of this session?

This 2 hour session is to provide confidence, clarity and a conflict resolution strategy to entrepreneurs, coaches, hospitality service providers, and professionals needing to approach and/or respond to a difficult business situation/conversation.

Is this a group or individual session?

Individual. This session is just for me and you. You deserve my expertise and undivided attention in helping you navigate your conflict communication strategy.

How will the session be conducted?

Virtually. Once booked, you will receive link/log-in details for your session .

Is there refund or cancellation policy?

The full payment ($497) for this session is deemed earned & non-refundable at the time of booking. No refunds will be issued. Reschedules, with appropriate notice, are permitted.

Will there be a replay?

YES. Our session will include a link for you to copy our recorded call for reference, as well as, a copy of our session playbook which will outline your resolution approach and other notes taken during our call.

How should I prepare for the session?

Choose a comfortable spot for our 2 hours together. Make sure your surroundings allow you to share openly and honestly with me. Bring your willingness and your undivided attention.

Is there anything else I should be aware of?

I’m glad you ask. The last thing you know is that your bank statement will display the session charge from Ambiance Special Events.

“Michelle saved me (and my reputation) from dragging a former friend/colleague through these Internet streets after a traumatic in-person experience! I’ll always call Michelle when I need that in-the-moment etiquette advice!”

— Mikki, Business Lifestyle Coach